Aetos Japan and its affiliates have benefited from continuity of management and support including by Scott Kelley, the CEO and Founder of ACRE, who has led the business since 2001.


Charles Haase

Managing Director

Mr. Haase is a Managing Director of Aetos Japan, LLC, and is responsible for investor relationship management in Asia. Prior to joining Aetos Japan in 2018, Mr. Haase served as a General Manager in the U.S. Planning Group with Tokyu Land Corporation, and as a Managing Director in Global Business Development with Tokyu Livable, Inc. Prior to joining the Tokyu Group in 2012, Mr. Haase spent nine years with CalSTRS, investing in real estate funds globally and overseeing multifamily investments in the U.S. Prior to CalSTRS, he taught economics at San Francisco State University. Mr. Haase holds a Ph.D. in Economics from University of California at Davis, and has lived in Japan since 2012.